Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Variations on a theme

Making an iced coffee is always time to take a picture- (if you haven't taken any all day!). I'll be back to my normal posts tomorrow. Any favorites above?


Robert said...

You should know from my candle post that I can't make such decisions! I clicked each of these images to see them larger. On each one I said, "Ya, this is the best." I'll have to revisit these before I can narrow it down. I love the detail and the lighting. These were fun.

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my work as well. You're really encouraging me. My friend lent me a stack of books about making photography a business. I'm really thinking more and more about it. At least something on the side. I'm praying for some direction in this matter.

christy said...

I'm torn between the top and the bottom one, but there's something about the middle two as well... Really, when is iced coffee NOT a good idea? = )

Thanks for all your comments -- it's encouraging for me to hear that I am an encouragement to someone else, especially when it seems like my life is going a-million-miles-a-minute and plans just keep changing. Knowing that God is using me in others' lives is such a good reminder that HE is in control, not me (thank goodness!).

Anna said...

I like the second and the third most.