Friday, February 27, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Hello to all of my Friends!

I can't believe that February is over already. It seems like the year and the semester just began last week.

I'll just skip the apologies for being away for so long. I will also skip the promises to post more often, though certainly I will do my best.

To all of my blogging friends: I hope you all are doing well--it's been so good to hear from some of you who have written. It's been so rewarding to hear of all your success and great experiences.

Time always passes more quickly when you're busy, and I've been so blessed with some fantastic photography opportunities. I could not be more excited about the brides I've been working with in the last month or so. So to Rachel, Amanda and Katie--you all are incredible! You are so beautiful; I cannot wait to be a part of your big days!

To the many families I've been working with--Tanya, Emily, Nicole and Travis--you are amazing! It's been a joy to capture you, your little ones, those just arrived, and those still to come (even if just your mommy's belly).

And with that I'll leave you all with a very few recent images. With very best wishes--Lacey

I loved this true-to-life pic below :)