Monday, September 15, 2008

Game night

We met up with some friends for a "Hurricane Hannah Party" a couple of weeks ago. The hurricane didn't touch us but we sure had a good time! Anthony and I remembered how much we enjoyed playing Scrabble and Phase 10. This last weekend we had the family over for a re-match. I'm trying to get my game a little better. Notice on the above board "repartee". That would be my husband. Womped us all with his double PhD! Used all of his letter tiles and placed it just right so that none of us had a chance! I'll get him one of these days!

Luckily, our kids get along fantastic and it actually allows us to have some adult time! Our little guys were even willing to share and play nice!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just because I owe you a few!

Climbing and yelling, as usual.
Giggling and glittery, as usual.
Not making a face, not so usual-but MUCH appreciated!

The 1st day of Preschool

Just like her big brother, Olivia headed off on a new adventure this year. This was her first time going to preschool! Last year she went to "MommyPreschool". I was a little worried about the 5 days a week but she LOVES it! She loves to carry her back pack and proudly displays the contents of her folder as soon as she sees me. She is quickly making new friends and blending in just great!

How many times will I do this to you?!

I have no excuses. No really good ones anyway! I finally sat down today and moved some files to external storage so that I could use my editing software without freezing the computer! For the last week, I'd upload and try to edit and get VERY frustrated. It just took some time and patience. It is working well for now.
We are into the routine of work and school. It has been busy but I think that we are all adjusting well. I love being in the classroom and my little 2's are precious! ALSO, I worked with the amazing and talented Charlie Gunter as an assistant/second shooter yesterday for an incredible wedding! I had so much fun. It is refreshing to find someone willing to share their knowledge and experience in the field. I am already looking forward to the next few weekends of weddings! Thanks Charlie and AnneMarie for having me on board!
Here are a few pics that I played with today. I'll post Olivia's first day separate.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The 1st day of First Grade

I officially have a First Grader! Isaac marched off to a new grade at a new school with nothing but excitement- and, of course, some new gear! It always makes my heart hurt just a little at his independence. But then in the same moment I swell with pride at what a wonderful boy he has become! This is our week of firsts. Olivia will go to preschool, other than mommy, tomorrow for the first time. Caleb and mommy will go on Thursday for the first time. I'll keep you updated with photos. It's like the Olympics, except we're not competing and there are no gold medals. Okay, it was a long shot. It is just busy and extremely exciting!

This is the quick after shot. Tired, but happy!