Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The 1st day of First Grade

I officially have a First Grader! Isaac marched off to a new grade at a new school with nothing but excitement- and, of course, some new gear! It always makes my heart hurt just a little at his independence. But then in the same moment I swell with pride at what a wonderful boy he has become! This is our week of firsts. Olivia will go to preschool, other than mommy, tomorrow for the first time. Caleb and mommy will go on Thursday for the first time. I'll keep you updated with photos. It's like the Olympics, except we're not competing and there are no gold medals. Okay, it was a long shot. It is just busy and extremely exciting!

This is the quick after shot. Tired, but happy!


Jeanne Damoff said...

Aw! Fun. I'm glad he has such a great attitude. That makes it easier for everyone.

Carmi said...

Congratulations on reaching this huge milestone. Back to school day is always amomentous occasion in our house, and it was just a couple of short years ago when our son marked his first day in "real" school (what he called grade 1.)

May this be the first of many for him. And for you.

Carmi said...

Oh almost forgot. Re. your comment on my blog:

"There is water everywhere around here but I haven't had a lot of time to shoot it yet. I shot a reflection in a rain puddle the other day- does that count?!"

Absolutely. I try to make the Thematic Photographic themes as wide-ranging as possible. I don't want to create work for people...so a puddle is just as cool as the ocean...or the water that comes out of the bathroom tap.

I guess I'm hoping that folks use TP as an opportunity to look at things differently, to take pictures they might not otherwise take.

Which is my way of saying that I hope you post the puddle pic. And any other photo from way off base in future weeks!

Anna said...

He looks so excited! Congrats to him on this new milestone... That was me uh... 11 years ago (?) WOW that's scary... Ugh I need to stop before I start making myself feel old!

photoguy said...

hey youngster; your cousin-in-law/almost,sorta,kinda,par-time dad here. I sure remember those days of "first day." Now its Christine writing on her blog about her first day of her second year of college and Alex heading to his first day of HIGH SCHOOL. I feel so freakin' old right now.
On another note, I'm just a bit jealous. I have lived in Virginia three times in my youth. Dad was stationed at Fort Lee--outside of Petersburg--three times.
I've been to Norfolk many time to visit my Uncle Chuck and Aunt Fran.
They had a five acre horse farm many years ago. It's just a beautiful part of the country. If I had to the time and money, I'd be visiting you right now. Get in touch with me and I'll tell you some great places to go.
Love you, hon.