Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lake Monroe

I am extremely behind here at home and am preparing for my son's birthday party this Saturday- so I apologize that I haven't visited any blogs. I'll be back soon, I promise!! Isaac had a day off today so we packed up our sand toys and headed for the lake. I was very confused when I got there because I couldn't find the beach. Finally, a park employee informed me that it is underwater! The kids were pretty disappointed until we found a road, now underwater, that they could play on.
I had to get a picture of Olivia's toe. Yesterday she dropped a brick on it. Yes, this IS the child who I recently pictured all banged up from a bike crash. It was a pretty messy affair. Praise God she is all right. They haven't x-rayed yet but she is walking on it and I think she is going to be okay.

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Robert said...

A brick? Oh my gosh, poor lil thing. I hope she's ok. Sounds like life is crazy busy for you. Hope you're enjoying it though. Something tells me you are. :)