Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lake Griffy

After we picked Isaac up from school today we headed out to one of our little local lakes. The geese were especially friendly because my kids were throwing crackers in. (I swear that I didn't see the "don't feed the geese" sign until after our hike!) Despite the muddy conditions, we hiked up through the beautiful forest where Isaac ran the trails, Olivia- the fairy- danced her way along, and Caleb received a wonderful shoulder ride from his daddy. I can't wait to take a canoe out onto the water when the weather warms up a little.


Anna said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable! I love the way you're able to capture their "little kid" moments like the one of the two older ones playing by the lake together. They'll love pictures like that when they're older... Like me now. I love the pictures of me, my siblings or me and my cousins when we're together just playing. Rather than the pictures of us sitting together with cheesy smiles and in posed positions.

Robert said...

8 pictures? 8??? You're killing me here. I want to comment on each one of them! Okay, so I have to make some decisions here. I'll start with the last one. Like Anna before me said, I like that you caught them playing together. A simple moment that they might never remember specifically, but through the image they'll remember being together; doing things together; being close. And then there's the fourth one. I think its a piece of wood half in/half out of the water. And I think I'm seeing water, and reflections in the water. Even if I'm wrong, it's so visually capturing. I love it.