Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Isaac!

My Isaac turned six today. I'm having trouble writing that. I have a six year old. My how time has flown. I remember the joy of my first pregnancy, childbirth, and life with a newborn. He was perfect. Mellow, sweet, and utter perfection. Isaac means "blessed laughter". I couldn't have named him better. He was easy, a true blessing in our lives. As he grew, we fell more and more in love. He is tenderhearted and nice. I feel proud to be his mother. Isaac is growing into his own little person now and everyday becoming more and more independent. Although, I encourage and welcome this independence, it is with a heavy heart that I begin the letting go process of my first born son. I love you boo, I can't wait until your party on Saturday!!

We went for torch cones after school.

Then, we tried out the trial volcano cake. It is pretty awesome! I'm going to wait until Saturday to reveal the full glory of the cake, but I will give you a preview of the effects! The kids had a great time playing with the dry ice.


Anna said...

He is such a cutie! Is it just me or does he look just like you?!?!

Robert said...

You painted a perfect picture here with words. You didn't even need photographs this time. But I'm glad you did anyhow. Very touching. Our Lily is only 21 months old (next week) but I already see the time flying by. I'm glad you're savoring the moments and reflecting so well. :)

Anna said...

Hey Lacey! Thanks for your comment! I actually just posted about what has been going on work wise. I am leaving this Monday for Maui to shoot my first wedding...I am sure you know how I feel...on one hand I am SO excited...on the other...I am SO nervous!

I am just thrilled and happy! We need to be in constant contact to support each other as we are starting out with our fledgling photography careers! I am looking forward to seeing them grow! :)

Talk with you soon!

christy said...

These are so fun! I love the way you capture the sense of joy that your children have. It's almost like I can hear them laughing just by looking at your pictures!