Friday, May 16, 2008

Just let the girl dance!

Sorry I missed yesterday. I just didn't want to think about life for a little while and usually I can't do that while I'm blogging! I'm back and refreshed!
Olivia is in a new phase where all she wants to do is dance. More specifically, she wants to be a ballerina. Graceful, not quite, but her heart is there. She has been watching a dvd that she got from Grandpa Bob and Nana Cheryl for Christmas and she is trying to get all of the positions down. It is very sweet. Today she and her friend practiced for a bit. I can't get over how big she is getting. (Or how bruised her little legs are!)


Robert said...

Did I ever tell you that you're good? You are. These are wonderful captures. I love the way down low perspective on the first one. Great contrast on with the b&w. You'd never know she's not quite there in gracefulness just yet from these images. Very well done!

christy said...

Beautiful! I love the sepia! I remember my days of ballet -- it's hard to believe that I did that for almost 10 years!

I'll be away for the week (without internet access) and can't wait to see your work when I get back. I know what you mean about wanting to get away from life -- I hope this week will be rejuvenating for me!

Have a great week!

Bill said...

Hey there ya cute kid, ya...
I was just reading through some of your recent blogs and looking at some of the photos--very good I might add--and I can understand wanting to "get away from life" for a while. It can get tough at times. You just have to remember who's hands you are in and trust him. After all He gave you all the blessings you have now and has promised to uphold you through all things. You know Shanna and I are proud of you and I'm proud to call you oneof my kids (you only lived with us for a short while but you'll always be family. Keep up the photo work, it's pretty impressive; especially for someone who, with 50 acres to turn around in, still managed to drive in to a canal. Ah, the memories.
Love you, hon,

Suzie said...

If you need ballet outfits, just email me ( I need a place to send my dd's old ones. No cost to you. If you don't remember me, I worked for your mom for a couple of yrs at The Scrapbook Station. I have enjoyed lurking on your blog for months now and it's fun to find out how you and your family is doing.
Hugs, Suzie Reitz