Thursday, May 22, 2008

The big announcement that wasn't

I didn't post last night because I thought I was going to have a BIG announcement this morning. We got a call last night from Virgina saying that we would be getting a very important call from the dean in the morning. Questions were asked, we were/are certain that an offer was to follow. We had given up on Virginia but got excited again and told our friends and family. What a roller coaster! The dean called at 9 a.m. and asked for a little more time to straighten out some "technical difficulties". A little strange but we weren't too worried. Well, a call came at noon that the provost had put an end to the search and no one would be hired. How can they do this to us?! I don't even know what to say. I guess that I am glad that we are not joining an institution where there is so much turmoil. This has been going on since FEBRUARY! We are happy to be staying here and will do what we need to so that will be successful. We headed for a hike this afternoon to clear our heads and I thought about family and happiness . I have both and we will be okay.


christy said...

The relative chaos sounds strikingly familiar... In studying Genesis this week I was really struck by how God saw the "tohu bohu" (Hebrew words describing what 'existed' before creation -- roughly translated as chaos, void, or urine-water!) and simply spoke into it to create order and beauty, choosing to take several days rather than organizing everything all at once. Seems like He is doing something similar for you and for me -- slowly moving from chaos to order. I'll pray that you'll get to experience the power of His word through this whole process! I hope you keep recognizing the beauty He has already brought about -- I definitely see it in your photography!

God bless!

Anna said...

I love the hands! What an intimate shot!