Friday, May 9, 2008

My other little man

Part of moving on, which I hope we will do soon, is leaving people that I love very much. We do need to get a job and leave this wonderful town but I can't tell you how much of my heart will stay here forever. Matt started coming to my house for preschool almost 2 years ago. He is my third son. Serious, sweet, and very smart. And today was our last full day of preschool. He has some very exciting things in his future as I hope we do but I will miss him and his family very much. They were my first family photo shoot before I thought of photography as a career. He has been a model, and a PERFECT one for a long time now. Even today he kept saying, "Miss Lacey, take my picture!" and then would strike a pose. In honor of our very special last day we went to a place called "Bouncer Town" which is filled with huge bounce houses and slides. We had a blast! I can't think of a better way to say goodbye to this chapter. I love you Matt.
I couldn't resist also posting these pictures of Caleb's new toothy grin for the family. Isn't he hysterical?!


Anna said...


Need I say more?

Thanks for what you wrote on my blog! You are too kind. I am definitely feeling the pressure but I am VERY excited! I will be updating so be sure to check in with me!

We can also email...

Have a good weekend!

Anna said...

I love the second one of the two boys. What would any of us do with out our friends?