Saturday, May 24, 2008

Starting to feel like summer!

I walked the kids over to the university today to see the fountains. I didn't shoot much because Caleb REALLY liked the water and I had my hands full! I tried to grab a few pics of his hands in the water before he tried to dive in! During the summer they put on their suits and really play in the water. Today I just let them get their feet wet. They are SO ready for summer! If today was any indication, the pool will be quite interesting for the littlest.

I grabbed a few more shots on a walk to the grocery store tonight. This can has been there for about a week now and every time I have passed it I've wished for my camera. It is on the property of a brand new, not even opened, building and it seems so out of place.


Anna said...

What a fun day...I can hear the laughter and feel the water on my toes...that is some good photography to do all that!

Robert said...

Two favorites: Olivia standing on that pedestal and the can. For the former, I love her laughter. And the flowing fountain is a wonderful background for this happy happy girl. For the latter, I think it's your words working with the picture that makes this one word for me.