Friday, April 18, 2008

Project Looking Through -Take 3

I didn't realize that I am solar powered until the sun came back out this spring. I just can't get enough! My mood is better, my whole outlook on life is better! Of course, be cautious and lather on the sunscreen , but ENJOY! Two guesses as to where these were shot. I promise that tomorrow I will find a different location!

Yes, I realize that he is a baby and I shouldn't be giving him suckers. BUT if his hands were busy, he would leave his hat on and that kept his hands busy for a LONG time!


Debbie in NC said...

LOL, my windows weren't clean at camera! I love your sweet!

Robert said...

These are fun! You found lots to look through and great subjects at which to look. The first one is my favorite because of the colors showing through and how nicely it is framed.