Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Feel like a bath?

I did until I saw this!
Yesterday I took a black out day from blogging because we laid to rest Grandpa Sam. The service was very well done and it was nice to see so much family. There were times, like the 21 gun salute, and the look of joy/grief as stories of Sam were told, that I really wanted to have my camera in hand but as a family member I knew that that was the last thing that I needed to be doing. We arrived home around 9:45 last night and I headed up to throw 3 tired kids in the bath. SURPRISE! The wall of my bath was missing! These pictures are from tonight when it is half way fixed. What I saw last night was a gaping whole complete with very wet squishy wood and soaked insulation. To get to our shower downstairs you had to wade through the flood water. Just what I needed to come home to! We had loose tiles and when our landlord started to investigate the problem just kept getting worse. Again, praise God we're renting! When is our move out date?! Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be back to normal photos.