Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm DOUBLE/TRIPLE posting!

I've been more conscious of having my camera in hand because of these projects and, therefor, I've taken A TON of photos. I wanted to share some more with you from yesterday and today.
Look, a DIFFERENT park! I love the lines of the bridge. Enlarge the photo below, I think it looks like Olivia is floating! These are from yesterday. You'll notice that no one was wearing sweaters today!

My preschoolers were actually ASKING me to shoot them today! Being the wonderful teacher that I am, I obliged!

I've got to label this next set good or in the future I'll swear that it's 4th of July. Our day ended today with a picnic with some wonderful friends.


Carletta said...

All of these are wonderful - the faces through the posts is so precious!
I've scrolled down too and am amazed at all the ideas.
What cute youngsters!

Robert said...

Wow, you did a wonderful job here. I love the third one. Changing the angles up has been such a challenge for me and you captured it fantastically. Just a great series here!