Saturday, April 26, 2008

My favorites

I promised to post this morning but we had a birthday party and a busy day planned. I thought and thought about my favorite images. The first image I ever fell in love with is the image of the french couple kissing. It is photo journalistic in approach. It is a private moment beautifully captured.

There are plenty of images that left an impression although not a settling one. I won't post them here because they are disturbing. The little girl running away from the napalm, a man with a gun to his head, an aborted baby. These tell stories of terror beyond anything I have ever known. I am glad, I suppose, that someone took them and shared them with the world for education. However, they don't go down in my book as favorites. That is why I'm not a photo journalist covering world news.

I do gravitate toward people but not in that fashion. I'm a romantic, and a mother. Therefore, my favorite images from my life have very little to do with technical no how and everything to do with how they make me feel. I've posted this one before but I'll post it again because it is an all time favorite. (For more about why- look back to "Capturing the past")

I have several that I've taken of my children that I'm absolutely in love with but my scanner isn't working and I'm limited to what I have on digital file. From those, I think, this takes the cake.
My favorites are always changing and most have been posted here for all to see. I'll keep striving to capture real moments in an artistic way. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to more responses!


Anonymous said...

Even aborted babies for "education" purposes is questionable. What is educational about them other than human brutality taking an innocent life?

Lacey Lichi said...

I agree but I do think the photos are educational in that they show how human these babies were. I think that sometimes people think of abortion as just another medical procedure and forget that a life is involved. That said, I don't think that these horrible photos should be shown everywhere. In fact, the first time I saw them was during a protest right along the side of the street. Not only did I have a young child in my car but I had also just lost a baby. The photos impacted me greatly. I won't get into the abortion debate but I will say that I wish that when women, girls, go in for abortions- they would be shown what stage their babies are in and even in that case some of these pictures. I know it sounds harsh, but I think that it would make a few anyway stop and think a little harder about the decision at hand. I have a sister that was put up for adoption rather than aborted. There are plenty of homes out there waiting for babies. I'm off the soap box, I just wanted to clarify my stance.

Robert said...

I'm glad you chose these. True the others would have an effect, but I much prefer the choices you made here. Not just because I went the same route! I've posted my favorite(s) as well and linked the to your 100 post. Great work here once again. You and Anna have me considering a project/challenge of my own.