Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tangled up in you

This has been a habit for a good 3 years now. And I can't tell you how many people I talk to everyday that say, "Oh, I was a thumb sucker too!" followed by "Yeah, until I was 10 or so." I cringe a little thinking of the dental issues but as a mother I am so enamored by it. She started it at about 3 months and it is her last link to baby hood. The twirling is a bit of a problem because she gets gnarly knots but, again, I sort of love it. She's my baby!


Ronda said...

Love the title, the dialogue, the pictures and most of all the love you have for her!
Carla tried and tried to get Landon to suck his thumb, he never did.

Becky & Joseph said...

I have a left-handed thumb sucker, too! She started at 5 months and is hooked. People always shake their heads and say, "You need to break her of that now" but it helps her sleep 12 hours straight at night, so no way am I breaking the habit yet!

Plus, I heard a dentist say that whether their teeth get messed up by sucking their thumb depends on how vigorously they suck. If it's really hard then yes, it may affect it, but Sophie just casually sucks and I hope it's not doing much damage. I do hope she quits before school, though! Good luck getting yours to! She's such a doll!