Friday, February 1, 2008

Imitation is the best form of flattery

Today at the doctor's office for Caleb's check-up I saw a photo taken by Diane Hasler, who has a business here in Bloomington, that I absolutely loved. I wanted to take a few shots of Caleb in honor of turning 9 months and I decided to imitate her shot.

This puppy was given to Caleb by his brother and sister when he was born and I try and take pictures of him with it to show how big he is getting. After I did my "imitation" shot I just kept shooting. Caleb is about 2 minutes from crawling and spent most of the time trying to crawl right out of the shot.

I laughed as he literally crawled right over the poor little puppy.

Here are a few "puppy shots" taken over the last nine months.
My how time flies. Cherish the moments. Catch them if you can. Hold on to them forever.

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