Sunday, February 3, 2008

In honor of the Super Bowl

Not the greatest pics but the best I could do for about 3 minutes of shooting time! We had some guys over for the Super Bowl so the day was busy with cooking and cleaning. I was never a football fan before we moved to Indiana but the Colts got me really excited about the game. And I must say, with as much love as I have for the Colts I have disdain for the Patriots. Why? Well, I know that they are a good team but I think that they are very bad sportsmen. That goes along way with me! So I was rooting for whoever played against them. I was excited that Peyton's little bother got the job done. We had 3 native New Yorkers here last night and needless to say it was VERY loud! Congrats to the GIANTS!

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Anna said...

Cheers! Go GIANTS! :)