Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Out of the box

Today was busy. I took 2 of my preschoolers plus my own 3 to a children's museum in Columbus, Indiana. We had a blast! Our activities even included sliding down a giant toilet! But, alas, my hands were just too full for my camera and my kids needed a mom more than a photographer. I sat down at my computer tonight with no photos in hand. I couldn't do it. I put back on my coat and headed to the University to try my hand at night shots. There is a great light exhibit outside of the art museum here that I've been wanting to see at night so I headed there first. Here are the shots I snapped before my fingers froze!

I headed into the Art Building to warm up and was greeted with this lovely sculpture.
And a lovely reminder about the position we are in right now in life. Dear Lord, let one of those jobs be for us!

I braved the cold once more and found the lone student running to get to the library and out of the wind and the lone clock reminding me that time passes all too quickly. All in all, a good end to a fabulous day.


Anna said...

I like your blog...your profile could be mine! I found you through Jessica's blog!

Great images!

Anil P said...

The clocks, striking.

The Actual Joey Himself said...

Looking good!