Monday, March 3, 2008

One of those days

I'll be the first to admit that this wasn't a photography kind of day. I had a kid home sick and it was just sort of a blah day. It started with this lovely creature out by our trash. I took exactly 1 picture because the thing scared the begeebers out of me. I tried shaking the fence and scaring him off by other silly means to no avail. I didn't want our cats getting into it with him. But he didn't leave until the wind really picked up and he was good and ready. I ended the day as I do many days, folding diapers. I love my sons Fuzzi bunz! I never thought of myself as a cloth diaper kinda momma. But I can't quite imagine doing it any other way now. I started them with my daughter and couldn't wait to use them again. Why? Well, I like not contributing to the landfills. I like the softness against their skin. I like the absence of diaper rash. I like, or rather, my wallet likes- not going on diaper runs where I add 10 other things to the cart. And finally, I like making a little contribution to the family financially. Every time I wash them I think of the money I just saved. I love it. But the number 1 reason has to be because they are just so dog gone cute on! ( If you need proof of this there are plenty of pics of Caleb in nothin but his Fuzzi Bunz!)


Carla said...

Great picture of the ugly critter! I love you! Kiss the babies.

Lacey Lichi said...

Hey momma, you can't say kiss the babies in the same space as you talk about THAT thing! It is just WRONG!

Melissa said...

I am terrified of opossums so I about gagged looking at that picture.

I always wanted to try cloth diapers, I have no idea why I never did. Probably just being lazy. I am out of diapers now though.
Have a great week!