Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

It snowed on our egg hunt! This unpredictable weather is driving me insane! Other than that we had a very nice easter. Although, I was disappointed that I didn't get a family shot and I didn't even get a good shot of my 3. Isaac was up a lot of the night and then up very early so he looks beat in all of the shots I took of them at church. We went to a friend's house for brunch and an egg hunt and Caleb even got in on the action. Hope you all had a great Easter filled with lots of chocolate and family.


Anna said...

I hope you had a good Easter! From the pics it looks like you had fun! :)

photoguy said...

Hey, Lacey,

Cute kids, good looking family, looks like you are enjoying life. I have only one problem: since when did you get my permission to become a better photographer than I am. HUH?

Oh well, I suppose I can give you that one for all the entertainment you gave us when you were our sorta, almost, kinda daughter.

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I'm proud of you youngster. Keep up the good work.

Love you,