Friday, March 21, 2008

If only everyday could be this good!

I figured out a way to make all of my children smile! Give them the sun and let them run. Even Isaac was willing to pose for me today! He ran in from school and told me he needed his shorts with the pockets and his plain green shirt. Mind you, he hasn't worn these since last summer. The temperature hit about 64 today and everyone was in such a good mood. We hit a park and played and played and played. Caleb found a slide that he would go down on his belly. He thought that was just the best thing in the whole world and was quite mad when we had to leave. Tonight we had movie night and watched "Enchanted" together. It was very funny and sweet. I have to tell you that even my husband, who was supposed to be heading out with the guys to watch basketball, got caught up in it and watched it until the very end. I sort of feel like just bursting out in song about the whole day, but I'll spare you- go watch the movie and enjoy the sun.

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