Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's

We have so much fun on St. Patty's. A little leprechaun comes and turns our food green- milk, eggs, pasta, etc.. He creates little mischief here and there. It's great. I should have tried to capture some of his shenanigans but I was a little busy trying to give him a helping hand. We went over to a friend's house this afternoon to celebrate with Shamrock shakes and cupcakes and I caught this picture of her little pixie. I've been wanting to play with natural light more and try and catch "Rembrandt's triangle". Hopefully you all had a great day full of little surprises!

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Becky & Joseph said...

I love that you do fun stuff on St. Patty's! My mom used to always dye everything we ate, too, and I did it for Sophie this year, except I couldn't stomach dying the milk! It makes it taste weird to me and ruins it! :) And that's a cute idea about making mischief and blaming it on the leprachaun. What a fun momma you are!