Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The blushing bride

For the first time I didn't blog yesterday. I kept holding out for the shoot that just wasn't going to happen. I really wanted to get some engagement shots for my sister in law, and the day for her fiance went from bad to worse. Nothing serious-just petty annoyances like a broken starter on his truck. But by the evening it had been a rough day and the last thing that I wanted to push him into were some photos. I will hopefully do them another time. Today, I did accompany her to try on her dress and I snuck a few shots in. I won't post the whole dress until after the wedding. She is going to be an absolutely beautiful bride.
I took off the pics of her face so she can have her big reveal day on May 3! Stay tuned.

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Ronda said...

Oh Lacey, she is beautiful! Will be looking forward for pictures of the engagement shoot and then the wedding!