Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Chocolate Moose

I shot yesterdays shot right before sunset on a desperate whim to get a shot before dark! I got one shot before the baby cried. My dear husband is in Canada on a job interview and I must say that I miss him very much! He does a lot around here and I've definitely missed not only his company but his helping hands. This morning the sweet little purple flowers had opened up and were just begging for a better shot.
You can tell the weather is changing when the Chocolate Moose opens again. It was BEAUTIFUL today!!! After trips to several parks we stopped for the famous torch cone. A perfect 25cent baby cone with little candy eyeballs. Caleb got his own this year and had it gone before anyone else! He wouldn't even stop long enough for me to wipe off his mouth. When he finished he kept trying to get one of his siblings to share theirs.
Found the train today with no hitch hikers and thought this shot was cool.
Also found another graffiti wall with awesome color.

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