Sunday, August 24, 2008

A very busy weekend

This weekend I got to see my college roomate and kindred twin Liz and her husband Dave. I hadn't seen them in SIX years and somehow it was as if no time had past. We could get into a lot of trouble together! (And did at one point in time!) We met them, along with her fabulous brother and his amazing wife, at the Virginia Living museum. It is another fantastic place here! It is a mix between an aquarium, a zoo, and a museum. We will definitely go back.

Caleb got REALLY sleepy and spent part of the time lounging in the stroller. I can't resist that sweet face! The turtle REALLY wanted to be photographed- so, I obliged.
I get very few "normal" shots of Isaac. He usually has his tongue out and is pulling some kind of stunt like a monkey. This shot was between silly faces and I just love it. He looks rather pleased with himself and the fish beside him is watching the whole show.
More flowers. I can't resist. Today we headed to the Virginia Zoo with a colleague of Anthony's and her family. More fun had by all! I should post some animal pictures but I am completely enamored with the flowers here- so that is what you're gettin'!


Anna said...

These are wonderful and there is nothing like good friends!

Anna said...

Fun pics! I've posted already... GOSH! HAHA

Christy said...

I love the shots of you and your college roommate -- they're very fun and kind of retro, but very hip :)

Caleb is adorable, as always, and a great shot of Isaac, too!

What lens(es) do you shoot with?

Robert said...

You really could have made several posts out of these. You're like me though...I just have to put up a bunch at once! These are all so good and really express a mood of fun. I'm looking forward to the zoo pictures.

Dave Ng said...

We had so much fun seeing you guys! I love the pics of us. We really are twin-like, right? I forgot how much we look alike! Let's get together again soon. I scouted out a few possible spots for us to meet along the way home! There were some great spots about 3 hours from each of our homes. Girls weekend here we come!

Carmi said...

Your photography is simply fabulous. I like how you capture more than just the image, but the feel of the moment you took it. Great signature to all your work!