Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our fantastic neighbor

This is one of our neighbors here in Virginia. He treats our kids just like his grandkids and even took us out to a local joint for lunch and ice cream a while ago. A genuinely nice gentleman that I am proud to know! I really love the people and places around here. There is just so much history!


Anna said...

That's so cool that your kids are able to meet and know someone like that! He reminds me of my great-grandfather.

Jim said...

Lacey...Thanks for the great photograph and, more importantly, the kind words. My life has been filled & enriched with so very many interesting & wonderful people.I am truly thankful to have added the Lichi family to the incredible album of friends I have mentally collected over the last 68years. Life is good. Be well!!

GrammaMary said...

You are soooooooooo blessed!